Jeannette DeNicolis Meyer Classes & Lectures
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The five lectures I currently offer are each summarized below. A current calendar of lectures, classes, and exhibitions is available on the Calendar page. You may also contact me for dates and availability.
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  Expressive Fiber: Surface Design 
  Expressive Fiber: Design Essentials 
  Expressive Fiber: Putting It All Together 
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The Narrative Thread

In this talk I investigate how individual quilts grow into a series and how one series inspires another. Although I am talking about my own art-making process in the lecture, I spend as much time discussing why Click to see more about 'Windows and Storylines II' we make art and why we need to support each other in doing it. This talk is illustrated with slides and quilts, and is especially validating for quilters who have started to think of their quilts as art, but who are encountering self-doubts along the way.


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Compare and Contrast

In this visual tour of Color 101, images of art work, including fiber art, paintings and pottery, illustrate hue, value, temperature, intensity and complimentary contrasts to help you start to think about how you can use color in a purposeful way to make your quilts zing.



The Vanishing Act: Safe Discharge

Thiox (thiourea dioxide) can be used in immersion baths or as a discharge paste to remove and transform areas of color on hand-dyed or commercial yardage. We'll travel step by step through the process of using safe discharge chemicals and be inspired by examples of discharge art fabrics. Discharge recipe handouts are included.



Line Dancing

Line is one of the fundamental components of art. But because Line=Drawing=Fear for many adults returning to art making, it is often given short shrift. But for textile artists who need to use the well-placed stitch or quilting line to complete a piece, trying to ignore line often dooms a piece to mediocrity. More importantly, not using line well means we are needlessly giving up a tool for expression and meaning. Follow the line, read between the lines, and see examples of artists drawing outside the lines in this lecture that explores what line can do for your art work.



Coloring Outside the Lines: Dyeing 101

Travel step by step from dye powder to luscious multi-colored yardage without getting your hands wet as we discuss topics ranging from dye chemistry and recipes to setting up a safe dye studio. Dye recipe handouts are included.



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